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Day Thirty One on the Path: Balancing Work and Play

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 6, 2020 at 1:25 PM

There's been a lot going on this week already, and more to come over the next several days, so I'm aiming for a more mellow day today. I have very little on the schedule that has to be done at a specific time, so that frees me up a bit. Let's get creative!


Exercise – Phenomenal Abdominals again today. I really like the way I feel after these workouts – like I’ve been pushed to the edge of endurance and getting stronger. Today is borderline cardio because it has lunges and big sweeping arm movements, but it feels more like strength work, so that’s okay by me. I’m sticking with it.


Meditation – Again, I follow the meditation that goes with the workout video. It’s just too darn simple to click the track right after the video and just relax. I like the visualization he does of roots, and releasing any tension back into Mother Earth so she can recycle it into something useful. It appeals to my tree-hugger sensibilities. I finish up with a quick watch of my vision board, and move on with my day.

Healthy Meal – I’m zhuzhing! Enough with the plain shakes already, I need some variety. C’mon – you knew my antsy ways would catch up with me somewhere this week! Why not food? Into my vanilla shake, I throw in some blueberries, carrots, flaxseed, and a healthy portion of cranberry juice. Top it all off with the digestion, collagen, and greens boosters from Arbonne, and I have a shake! Okay – admittedly, this LOOKS chocolate when it comes out of the blender. But it’s fruity and tangy and really quite good. My second shake is for dinner, so I make it a little something special as well.


There’s a FB group with recipes for sprucing up these shakes. I use one called Cinnamon Roll Shake. It has vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom (ok, I added that just because I love it with all things vanilla), and that’s it. So simple, but it magically transforms into a cinnamon roll! OMG. So goooooooooddddd.

Creative – I spent so much time the last few days working on the hubby’s project and the Arbonne launch, that I am really excited to have enough time to get back to art and music today. First, I sketch out that new design I received during my sensory deprivation float over the weekend. Then I transfer it onto a card to create further details. I transfer two more butterfly designs onto cards so that they’re ready to color later this week.


Secondly, I also get to play my guitar for about half an hour. I cut my nails just so I could play today without interruption or distraction. I feel a little like I’m in a Disney movie when I play – the cats gather around and listen with eyes half closed and those feline grins on their faces. What an amazingly peaceful practice.

And finally, it’s D&D again tonight! Yep, two weeks in a row, folks! We had a lot of fun last week, but we also lost one member and gained a new one, so there’s much to be learned. And we all leveled up last week, so this will be our first game at our new strengths. Oh, the anticipation…!


1 – I am thankful for those who said “yes” or “No” to my invitations. The response alone shows respect and friendship that I cherish.

2 – I am grateful for luthiers and their art. And that Nancy John gave me lessons when I got my first guitar so I didn’t learn too many bad habits. And that my brother plays guitar and instilled in me the desire to get better so we can play together some time. And that my other brother inspired me with his violin years ago with an appreciation for strings.

3 – I am grateful for the lovely light table the hubs got for me. It is such an amazing tool for my art cards, and makes it possible for me to create a unique card for every single order. Since I only start with the original sketch outline, then color or paint depending on the design, each card is slightly different than any other like it. It takes longer than just creating prints of finished work, but I think worth it.

4 – I am so very thankful for variety, the spice of life.

5 – I am grateful I survived being swallowed by a giant purple worm. I mean, I love purple, but there are limits.










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