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Day Thirty Seven on the Path: A whole Latte something

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 12, 2020 at 2:55 PM

It’s another long day on the calendar – filled with yummy goodness and activities I love, albeit a bit hectic.

Exercise – I’m up early and getting in my exercise before I head out for a couple meetings this morning. So, I am definitely sticking with the 9 Minute Science Based workout today. It’s a beast!! Push-ups and plank walking from one side of the mat to the other, and side plank push-ups, oh my! I need a shower! But it feels really good to get that done and get my blood flowing before I jump into this day.


Meditation – When I get home in the afternoon, I jump straight into my Vision Board first, then listen to a podcast by the late great Louise Hay called “Hay House Meditations.” It’s short, but jam-packed with affirmations about creativity and learning to create a sacred space for self care.

Healthy Meal – Okay, y’all. I’m just gonna put this out there (even though it’s not exactly a meal) – turmeric and cinnamon and coconut milk make one mean morning combination! I met the Arbonne girls at a place called Solar de Cahuenga this morning for a little strategy and Q&A session. I got there early because I had a phone call before our meeting, and I ordered this turmeric latte. OMG. My belly is so happy! My actual healthy meals were my two Arbonne shakes. But you already knew that!


Creative – I have a table read this evening for a new short film I booked. It’s about three generations of women, grandma, mother, and granddaughter. I get to play the mother, and it’s a really heartfelt script. I had some concerns about whether or not the story arc would make sense to the viewer, but overall I like the script. Hey, it has frogs in it, and anything with frogs is A-OK by me. The table read is close by and it’s nice to meet the two other women in the cast. One is a long-time pro actress, the other is a 17 year old who has some pretty darn good chops for someone just starting out! I am, as always, honored to be a part of making someone’s passion project come to life. We won’t actually shoot until June, or late May at least, so there’s time for learning the script, diving into the lives of these characters, and the imagination work that is the bulk of prep for such an endeavor. Booking one for 2020!


1- I am ever so grateful to my agents for taking the time to chat with me today and really put some effort into their thoughtful answers. I so love my team!

2- I am grateful to have a team of gals who can keep me motivated in this new Arbonne business endeavor. Glad I’m not alone in this, and super glad to have these particular gals as my mentors. They rock!

3- I am grateful for a table read with a wonderful cast and writing team today, and that it counts as my first booking for the new decade. What an exciting project. More deets to come.

4- I am excited that Indian food has so many healthy options, and that dhal is one of them!

5- I am grateful for so much art in this world that is thought provoking and inspiring…and so different from my own.










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