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Day Thirty Six on the Path:Stay Motivated

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 11, 2020 at 8:20 PM

Exercise – I am loving Jannine Murray’s Phenomenal Abdominals exercise course, but I gotta stay motivated, so I’m switching back to the 9 Minute Science-Based workout this week. First of all, it’s different moves so my body doesn’t get fatigued and my brain doesn’t get bored. Second, there are only seven lessons left, which lines up with our seven days of this week, and my OCD loves checking off completed tasks that way. So, I’m finishing off the science workout, and I’ll go back to Ms Murray next week. Today’s lesson is called “Booty Blast” - well, okay. I’ve been so rumbly in the tummy this week that this moniker isn’t nearly as funny as it was before, but I’m trusting this week will improve both.


Meditation – I’m looking at an old course I have on Daily Om called “Moving From Stuck to Flow.” Sounds like it might be time well spent this week. The first lesson just helps clarify areas of your life where you’ve been doing the same actions for so long that you can’t imagine anything else. The instructor, Sara Wiseman, offers an audio track as well as a written text of the lesson for the day. The crux of this first lesson is making a list of all the areas of your life and evaluating where you feel stuck and where you don’t. I love the balance this creates – focusing on what’s right as well as what’s not quite working so well allows you to maintain some gratitude instead of getting mired in failures. I can see from my history that I started this course, but never finished it. Oh, irony – I got stuck at the second lesson. Let’s see if I can do better this time around.

In addition, I watch my vision board and revisit the “Success Imprint” from MindMovies again. It just struck me as something I wanted to experience again today, so I’m going with it.

Healthy Meal – Who loves chick peas? I love chick peas. And tonight dinner is a Mediterranean style baked chick peas with sweet peppers and tabbouli salad. It’s freaking fabulous. Thank you Hello Fresh!

Creative – I found a box of books in my closet, some that were too valuable to go in the attic, but that I had not found room for on the shelves. Amongst them was a box of Soulcards. This box of 60 image cards are designed to prick the imagination and launch creativity. You spread the deck out and let your eyes pick a card. Hold it, focus on the design, see the colors and find where they resonate inside of you, connect the sensations of the body to the images, and allow the experience to wash over you. I find that these fascinating images are wonderful for sparking my imagination work for acting. Today, I’m incorporating my scene from “Her” with these cards. I read the scene first, then pick a card - the idea being that the card will relate in some way to the scene since that’s where my mind was. I get a chunk of time to ruminate on the pictures and the character, and I’m feeling pretty pumped about the scene now. We’ll rehearse for the first time later his week.



1 – I am grateful for our beautiful wind chimes in the back yard, and for Mother Earth’s windy play dates here in the winter of the year. Last night, the gusts were so strong that I was lulled to sleep by a constant symphony of happy little chimes.

2 – I am thankful that our trash cans are still by our driveway. After the winds last night, I wasn’t sure they would be. Although, I confess, I was almost looking forward to a neighborhood stroll to retrieve them.

3 – I am grateful for the opportunity to bring those same trash cans back in at the end of the day – it’s the only time I got outside all day!

4 – I am so thankful that my family is willing to accommodate a veggie meal once each week. They add meat to theirs, but leave mine unadulterated, which makes me and my tummy very happy.

5 – I am grateful for the variety of vegetables Mother Earth provides. Quite a buffet, and I like them all.








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