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Day Thirty Five on the Path: So that is something

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 10, 2020 at 2:20 AM

It’s the end of week five here on the Path! Hard to believe we’re a third of the way. I guess, to be honest, I thought I’d be further along in some respects.

Exercise – Yay! It’s a rest day, so no cardio or strength today. Just some stretching and Fitzmaurice tremor work for this day. It takes about the same amount of time as a workout, but it is just so relaxing!

Meditation – I start my Fitzmaurice work with that same body scan as usual. It’s funny – the first time I watched this video, I thought the guy was kind of funny and awkward. Then he started the work, and it almost felt like his voice transformed while he spoke. Maybe it’s because I keep my eyes closed when I do the scan, so I’m not seeing him anymore, but he’s ended up being one of my all-time favorites to listen to. I also sneak in a “15 Minute Recharge Session” from BrainHacker. Just because I’m feeling the need for that kind of energetic pick-me-up today.

Healthy Meal – I’m tired, and a little blue, so I just need to shake up my shake a little today. Instead of plain old shakes, I mix chocolate and vanilla protein powders, and add in a bit of cranberry juice, dried cranberries, chia seeds, and some cashews. It tastes something like a chocolate covered cherry, so that’s something. And the hubs made me cream of wheat for breakfast, so that’s something too.

Creative – Class tonight at Crash! Always a good time, although I confess that I left early tonight – my stomach was grumbling so loudly from this cleanse that I couldn’t focus on the critiques and felt like I was distracting those around me focusing as well. Didn’t seem right to take away from the class, so I ducked out a scene early. But I got another new scene to work on, so that’s something.


Here’s how the week went:

14 healthy meals and 3 extra snacks that qualified

7 workouts with Janine Murray at 22-25 mins/day

6 Meditations from 5 mins to 20 mins

7 times through my Vision Board for 2020: 3 mins/day

6 tapping meditations: 8 to 15 mins/day

And 35 gratitudes for the week.


My Personal Progress Report:

Job – Yep. Arbonne is moving along with one more launch party to go next week, and the beginnings of movement on social media as well. Not as much progress yet as I’d like, but I’m not discouraged. 3 passes from other jobs I’d submitted to, but I’m still submitting.

Creativity – Good. Three new card designs this week, a guitar session, a photo shoot, and a great audition early in the week. We also cleaned out the garage - which is creative, believe me.

Healthy body – Meh. My wrist is nearly back to normal. Weight is back up by two pounds, which is disheartening, but between the cleanse and the time of the month that’s probably not entirely unexpected. And I did lose half an inch off the hips, so it’s not a total bummer this week.

Overall sense of wellbeing and fulfillment with life – strong. I’ve been on a high all week long, soaring with excitement and hope and confidence. So, even though I’m not riding that same wave today, and am feeling a little down and regressed, I’m giving this week two giant thumbs up for overall happiness.




1- I am thankful for morning cuddles on a rainy Sunday.

2- I am thankful for a great week to come

3- I am grateful for time with friends and classmates to keep me inspired and remind me of what generosity is. 

4- I am grateful for tea. Hot tea, cold tea, sweet or not, I am grateful for those lovely folks who raise and harvest those tasty little nibs so I can drink it, one pinky aloft, and speaking with a moderately bad British accent about “tea time.”

5- I am so grateful that my hubby is doing the shakes from this Arbonne program with me -- and loving them! What a surprise that is.


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