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Day Thirty Three on the Path: Not My Mulligan

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 8, 2020 at 3:20 PM

Happy Friday, All! Or as we say around here – Happy Housecleaning Day!

Only, today isn’t really working that way. The hubby has a big client shoot this weekend and he needs to test out a few new set-ups because – it’s supposed to RAIN here on Sunday. Now that may not seem like much of a thing, but we get so spoiled here in SoCal, what with not having to plan around weather and all, so he now needs to rearrange his lighting for several shots that normally have strobes just outside the windows…where it will be wet…and they’re plugged in…yeah, no. The “quick” test he asks for ends up being 5 plus hours long, with me working on my phone in quick snippets between setups. I confess – I lose my cool at about the 4 ½ hour mark, but I haven’t gotten to exercise or meditate yet, and I’ve only taken time to make one of my shakes today, so I think patience may be beyond the realm of realism by hour 5.


Meditation –When I finally get to watch my Vision Board (around 6:30pm) I have lots to tap on. Yesterday’s not-so-stellar launch party, my impatience with the hubs, guilt and frustration over an entire day of work lost, etc. So, I start with the Tapping Solution App and kinda go down the list – “releasing resentment” (Yep), “releasing guilt” (oh, yeah), and an instant “boost of forgiveness” (absolutely). In about 30 minutes of tapping, I run the gamut…and feel a bit better.

I also do a simple 9 minute subliminal meditation from Subliminal Guru after my workout instead of following the “morning” meditations provided, because – well, it’s almost dinner time and they seem slightly inappropriate. This track is specifically based around Law Of Attraction, but they have others as well. I just use the freebies because I’m thrifty that way.

Exercise – Phenomenal Abdominals is strength day again. Nothing new here, folks, except that it’s late evening rather than morning when I’m doing this.

Healthy Meal – Sick of hearing about shakes? Well, you’re in luck because I only get in one plain chocolate shake today. I wanted to try some different variations, but there simply wasn’t enough time. So you’re off the hook for shake pics. Instead, let me share this lovely tray of veggies I snacked on with a bit of hummus and tahini - prefect to tide me over until dinner.

Creative – I guess the upside is that my entire day was devoted to creative activities. We tried four different lighting arrangements for four very different looks. All of them took about 45 minutes each to fine tune so they’d be in tip-top shape for a client. And, as usual, I got some amazing shots out of the deal. Here’s one if my hubby’s faves.

I also got to play with Instagram story posts, which I have not historically messed with at all. They’re fun and creative and quick, so perfect for a day like this.


1- I am grateful for my amazingly talented hubby, who really does do stunning work and provide incredible service for his clients, myself included. Although I got a pit prickly today, I do appreciate his efforts, respect his talent, and adore the stuffings out of him.

2- I am grateful for all of my Instagram followers, whom I have enjoyed in the past as kind of a hobby, but have newfound respect and appreciation for. Their support and encouragement in this new endeavor has been a warm and welcome surprise.

3- I am thankful I can do my workout in the early evening and still count it towards my day. This is Not My Mulligan!

4- I am incredibly thankful for a new project that has come to me for a short film. More details to come, but we’re doing a table read next week, and I’m so excited to be a part of it!

5- I am grateful for the nudge (read as giant gut punch) the universe is giving me to break me out of comfort and complacency and move me in a new direction. I love learning that I’m not as scared of some things as I have always believed, and that I’m kind of good at other things I’ve always avoided for fear of failure. Nice lesson, Universe. I hear ya.







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