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Day Thirty Two on the Path: Let them eat cake

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 7, 2020 at 8:55 PM

Launch Day Numero Uno! I feel pretty excited about this day. I have a small turnout set for this first launch party, which is nice because that keeps the pressure off. But there’s lots to be done before the evening, so …


Meditation – Instead of launching into the exercise, I start with meditation today. I want to morph any antsy energy into positive power, so I’m focusing on my vision board right up front. Then I go to some tapping, and I pull out Iyanla Vanzant again for this one. It’s a special day, so why not? I choose her prayer for Anxiety, even though on first blush that doesn’t really seem the perfect description of what I’m feeling. It’s funny, we have such a negative connotation of anxiety that we (meaning I) often forget that anxiety can be from positive thoughts as well. I’m amped up, excited, and there’s a little bit of frenetic energy that is hanging out too. That’s the anxiety. And the further into the prayer I get, tapping as I go, the more I realize just how apt it is. There is pressure underneath that anxiety, that pressure that says “you have to succeed at this or you’ll be homeless” or “you’ve brought friends into this, so don’t fail your friends.” And before I reach the end of the prayer, the tears are streaming down my cheeks and I understand the weight that has just been lifted off my shoulders. I’m so used to feeling that weight that I hadn’t even realized it was still there until now. What a beautiful clearing. I feel more centered, more calm, and far more confident than I did just a few minutes ago. This is why I love tapping so much – it’s the immediate effect I feel from it, the way I feel like I’m seeing the world through an entirely shifted lens when I’m done.

Now, I move on to the exercise and use the Bradley Morris “Good Morning Meditation” to finish it off. It’s literally only 5 minutes long, but it makes me smile. Also the hubs and I continue our midnight tapping session again this evening.

Exercise – Today’s exercise is balancing and aligning. The “Phenomenal Abdominals” course essentially rotates the same three exercises from the beginning of the week again for the end of the week. So, I know the moves and what modifications I need to make for my nearly-but-not-completely-healed wrist, and I know it’s a lighter day today than some of the others. Which is great because I’m not out of my jammies yet, nor am I motivated to be so.

Healthy Meal – I’m sticking with that darned Cinnamon Roll recipe for my breakfast shake. I mean, ddaaaammmnnn. It’s tasty. Even the hubs wants one. Which means, I’m going chocolate for the afternoon. And I’m feeling minty, so I search for some recipes for a mint chocolate shake. I find a few but they all ask for peppermint extract, which we don’t have. I think to myself “Hey – we have peppermint tea! Maybe that would work.” Brilliant. I make tea, use that as the base water for my chocolate shake and taste it. Meh. I’ll keep trying.


Creative – I had a flash of inspiration on one of the cards I started yesterday. I was tracing out the butterfly design, when my mind said “stop! Leave half blank.” I’ve learned over the years not to question that voice. So, while my hair is curling for tonight’s party, I let that voice of inspiration take over and make some magic. Here’s what showed up:


So, the first of my launch parties ended up not turning out quite as planned, I forget not everyone shows up when they say they will, but my team and I (Margaret and Julia) made the most of it. We had chocolate cake with coconut icing, called a few folks, talked strategy, and even set up a few appointments for next week. Not a total loss, but I hope next week goes better.


Until then…


1- I am so grateful for friends who make time to chat and give guidance and advice. Especially when I’ve known them pretty much my whole life, and they offer up gems of encouragement. Thank you, Heather!

2- I am grateful for healthy chocolate cake. Period.

3- I am incredibly thankful that I have access to so many tools to keep me grounded, inspired, chilled out, and with my head on straight. Where would I be without that?

4- I am thankful for all the firefighters, EMTs, Animal Rescue, and every single person who is doing their part to help in Australia. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected.

5- Random gratitude perhaps, but I am so grateful that NASA is recruiting astronauts again! This is very exciting stuff. More adventures in the wild beyond. Ah, humanity.









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