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Day Thirty on the Path:Mixed Emotions

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 5, 2020 at 1:00 PM

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”



I have a 9am meeting in NoHo with the Arbonne team, so I hurriedly fix my morning shake and – KAPOW! – chocolate explosion all over the kitchen. WTF?! I just wasted product! And I’m gonna be late! Arrrrgggg! Can’t I just have a cozy of coffee? Bah!

I clean it up – sorry, I didn’t have the presence of mind to snap a photo for this blog, it would have been worthy! – and rush across the valley.

Mixed emotions today – excitement, nervousness, shyness, anxiety, pride – all of them surrounding this new business venture. Today I send out my first invitations to my launch party. What will people think? How will they respond? It’s utterly foreign territory for me, this, and that’s both fantastically exciting and terrifically nerve racking. My team gives me great advice on invitations and how to handle this all, but ultimately it’s me putting myself out there. Ah, what the hey, right? You only live once…

Exercise – Let me preface this with the fact that I’m just getting to my workout at 3:45pm. Not exactly my “morning” routine, but at least I’m squeezing it in. I’m sticking with “21 Days to Phenomenal Abdominals” again – and probably this whole week. Because I’m lazy about thinking things through this week but not lazy in my workout. I even pick up a weight, albeit a 2.5 pounder. Bravo.


Ms Murray kicks my butt today with strength training, then introduces me to…

Meditation – Bradley Thomas, who has a lovely little 8 minute post-workout meditation attached to this course to ground you with the earth, and circulate some good energy. It’s a nice relaxation after exercise, and leads me right into my Vision Board, and a quick "Boost of Confidence" tapping session.

Note: I really should start posting these the next morning instead of in the evening of the day they’re written, because sometimes I miss something good! Like the past two nights of tapping before sleep with the hubby! We’ve done the guided audios with the Tapping App, stuff like “releasing Fear” and “Evening Stress Relief” so that we can truly relax and sleep well. I’m hoping this habit sticks and we continue with this new evening practice.


Healthy Meal – A very sloppy chocolate shake in the morning with digestive booster, cashew milk, and ChagIt. And maybe a little cat hair from my sweater in the mix just for good measure. I do better in the afternoon, actually managing to keep my shake IN the cup! And I add the greens, but I gotta admit the greens are much better suited to the vanilla flavor. Note to self.

Creative – The hubs and I do a final round of photo choices for his flyer. It’s a terrific problem to have – too many outstanding pics to choose from – but it does make it a bit time consuming. We make our final selects and I leave him to refine, retouch, and revise to get them ready for print.

I also do a quick laminate on a couple documents for the parties this week. Sybilla helps. In truth, she doesn’t really have to do anything, just sniffing around and looking at me with her head cocked sideways is generally enough to make me smile or make any task more fun. And even if it’s tantamount to feline encouragement simply so I’ll finish quicker so I can feed her quicker, that’s ok too.



1- I am grateful for so many wonderful people I can call friends. As I look through my contacts and reminisce about how I know each person, I love the stories and histories there. And I am especially grateful for graceful responses of support from so many.

2- I am thankful for home printers. Yeah, I know that may sound like a lame gratitude, but getting stuff printed and ready to go for Thursday would have meant a trip to Kinko’s back in the old days. As it is, I sat in my warm sweater and comfy chair, with my cat curled in my lap, and simply hit “print” and the whole task was done.

3- I am grateful that the 60 mile per hour winds we’ve been having, have not damaged anything or pulled anything down. Other than blowing trash cans around the street, we’ve gone unscathed, and I am sincerely grateful for that.

4- I am grateful that there are enough people who believe we need to take care of our planet, and that it’s a priority, that there are entire giant companies dedicated to that in their practices. I know I’m talking a lot about Arbonne right now, but it isn’t the only one. I just find it so appealing when people put planet and other people over profits.

5- I am thankful for Nancy Pelosi, and all the beautiful memes and gifs she created today. Do you think the “speech rip” will ever be as popular as the “mic drop?’


Peace out, y’all.





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