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This is our world. We can make it better. Here are a few ideas about how…Welcome to “Tales of Chaotic Good” -- stories about universal connection and the shifts that can help shape our collective future.

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Day Thirty Four on the Path: Productive, But not

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 9, 2020 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (2)

Today seems to be mostly consumed by prepping for the hubby’s shoot tomorrow and then by date night. I feel time just slipping away from me, no time to really be creative, or work on clients, or even just sit and brainstorm or play with the cats. Days like this have an odd paradox of feeling incredibly productive, but only in one limited direction. I guess that’s ok, but it frustrates me nonetheless.

Meditation - You know, it occurs to me that I have been woefully neglecting my Disempowering Beliefs list for tapping. I think I’ve done maybe six out of the 38. Oh, Les, for shame. Think I’ll work on that today. I tap on two that are similar enough that I feel like it’s working the same basic muscles. Okay, I feel a little better now. I also hit the vision board and the 8 minute meditation attached to the Daily Om workout to round out my meditation for the day.


Exercise – The Phenomenal Abdominals is essentially cardio again today. I have to modify the burpees, but everything else goes according to plan. By the time I make it to the floor for the meditation afterwards, Sybilla is checking in to make sure I’m okay. Looking forward to an exercise recuperation day tomorrow.



Healthy Meal – Okay, so I did better with shakes today, but I also made a favorite snack. It’s a recipe my old nutritionist gave me with medjool dates and cashews with a pinch of salt. That’s it! It can’t get any easier than that, right? They go in a food processor, get all chopped and churned, then you form them into little balls (go ahead, you can giggle at that) and stick them in the freezer to set. When they come out, they are a fantastic snack when you need a sweet pick-me-up!


Creative – Falling short here, today, I’m afraid. The hubby and I cleaned out the garage today – sorting and re-sorting things to get make space for him to shoot tomorrow using the natural light from the open garage door. It also lets us get things orderly and organized, which makes my little OCD heart sing. But it takes a big chunk of the day, so I have to forego the more creative activities.


1- A clean garage!! Holy smokes – it’s clean and swept, and organized. That feels nice.

2- I am grateful for another fun, if chill, date night with the hubs. We were both so tired after tackling that garage that we went to dinner, then just came home and crashed out, binging a little “The Expanse” before bed.


3- I am incredibly thankful that my mother in law didn’t burn down the house while the hubby and I were out for dinner. She gave it a good college try – cooking rice in a pan without water is just not a good recipe. The entire house reeked of ozone and burnt when we walked in. Guess we have to be sure she has her dinner all set before we leave from now on.

4- I am thankful for the pillow my mom made over Christmas. While she was here, we both tried Loopity-Loop yarn. Our efforts were amateur for sure, but she made the cutest little pillow that I keep here in my office and look at or squeeze from time to time when I need a little extra love from home.

5- I am thankful for every single person who reads this blog. It’s always pleasantly surprising to find I’m not flying solo out here.

I'm going to go collapse now. Asta!


Day Thirty Three on the Path: Not My Mulligan

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 8, 2020 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Happy Friday, All! Or as we say around here – Happy Housecleaning Day!

Only, today isn’t really working that way. The hubby has a big client shoot this weekend and he needs to test out a few new set-ups because – it’s supposed to RAIN here on Sunday. Now that may not seem like much of a thing, but we get so spoiled here in SoCal, what with not having to plan around weather and all, so he now needs to rearrange his lighting for several shots that normally have strobes just outside the windows…where it will be wet…and they’re plugged in…yeah, no. The “quick” test he asks for ends up being 5 plus hours long, with me working on my phone in quick snippets between setups. I confess – I lose my cool at about the 4 ½ hour mark, but I haven’t gotten to exercise or meditate yet, and I’ve only taken time to make one of my shakes today, so I think patience may be beyond the realm of realism by hour 5.


Meditation –When I finally get to watch my Vision Board (around 6:30pm) I have lots to tap on. Yesterday’s not-so-stellar launch party, my impatience with the hubs, guilt and frustration over an entire day of work lost, etc. So, I start with the Tapping Solution App and kinda go down the list – “releasing resentment” (Yep), “releasing guilt” (oh, yeah), and an instant “boost of forgiveness” (absolutely). In about 30 minutes of tapping, I run the gamut…and feel a bit better.

I also do a simple 9 minute subliminal meditation from Subliminal Guru after my workout instead of following the “morning” meditations provided, because – well, it’s almost dinner time and they seem slightly inappropriate. This track is specifically based around Law Of Attraction, but they have others as well. I just use the freebies because I’m thrifty that way.

Exercise – Phenomenal Abdominals is strength day again. Nothing new here, folks, except that it’s late evening rather than morning when I’m doing this.

Healthy Meal – Sick of hearing about shakes? Well, you’re in luck because I only get in one plain chocolate shake today. I wanted to try some different variations, but there simply wasn’t enough time. So you’re off the hook for shake pics. Instead, let me share this lovely tray of veggies I snacked on with a bit of hummus and tahini - prefect to tide me over until dinner.

Creative – I guess the upside is that my entire day was devoted to creative activities. We tried four different lighting arrangements for four very different looks. All of them took about 45 minutes each to fine tune so they’d be in tip-top shape for a client. And, as usual, I got some amazing shots out of the deal. Here’s one if my hubby’s faves.

I also got to play with Instagram story posts, which I have not historically messed with at all. They’re fun and creative and quick, so perfect for a day like this.


1- I am grateful for my amazingly talented hubby, who really does do stunning work and provide incredible service for his clients, myself included. Although I got a pit prickly today, I do appreciate his efforts, respect his talent, and adore the stuffings out of him.

2- I am grateful for all of my Instagram followers, whom I have enjoyed in the past as kind of a hobby, but have newfound respect and appreciation for. Their support and encouragement in this new endeavor has been a warm and welcome surprise.

3- I am thankful I can do my workout in the early evening and still count it towards my day. This is Not My Mulligan!

4- I am incredibly thankful for a new project that has come to me for a short film. More details to come, but we’re doing a table read next week, and I’m so excited to be a part of it!

5- I am grateful for the nudge (read as giant gut punch) the universe is giving me to break me out of comfort and complacency and move me in a new direction. I love learning that I’m not as scared of some things as I have always believed, and that I’m kind of good at other things I’ve always avoided for fear of failure. Nice lesson, Universe. I hear ya.







Day Thirty Two on the Path: Let them eat cake

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 7, 2020 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Launch Day Numero Uno! I feel pretty excited about this day. I have a small turnout set for this first launch party, which is nice because that keeps the pressure off. But there’s lots to be done before the evening, so …


Meditation – Instead of launching into the exercise, I start with meditation today. I want to morph any antsy energy into positive power, so I’m focusing on my vision board right up front. Then I go to some tapping, and I pull out Iyanla Vanzant again for this one. It’s a special day, so why not? I choose her prayer for Anxiety, even though on first blush that doesn’t really seem the perfect description of what I’m feeling. It’s funny, we have such a negative connotation of anxiety that we (meaning I) often forget that anxiety can be from positive thoughts as well. I’m amped up, excited, and there’s a little bit of frenetic energy that is hanging out too. That’s the anxiety. And the further into the prayer I get, tapping as I go, the more I realize just how apt it is. There is pressure underneath that anxiety, that pressure that says “you have to succeed at this or you’ll be homeless” or “you’ve brought friends into this, so don’t fail your friends.” And before I reach the end of the prayer, the tears are streaming down my cheeks and I understand the weight that has just been lifted off my shoulders. I’m so used to feeling that weight that I hadn’t even realized it was still there until now. What a beautiful clearing. I feel more centered, more calm, and far more confident than I did just a few minutes ago. This is why I love tapping so much – it’s the immediate effect I feel from it, the way I feel like I’m seeing the world through an entirely shifted lens when I’m done.

Now, I move on to the exercise and use the Bradley Morris “Good Morning Meditation” to finish it off. It’s literally only 5 minutes long, but it makes me smile. Also the hubs and I continue our midnight tapping session again this evening.

Exercise – Today’s exercise is balancing and aligning. The “Phenomenal Abdominals” course essentially rotates the same three exercises from the beginning of the week again for the end of the week. So, I know the moves and what modifications I need to make for my nearly-but-not-completely-healed wrist, and I know it’s a lighter day today than some of the others. Which is great because I’m not out of my jammies yet, nor am I motivated to be so.

Healthy Meal – I’m sticking with that darned Cinnamon Roll recipe for my breakfast shake. I mean, ddaaaammmnnn. It’s tasty. Even the hubs wants one. Which means, I’m going chocolate for the afternoon. And I’m feeling minty, so I search for some recipes for a mint chocolate shake. I find a few but they all ask for peppermint extract, which we don’t have. I think to myself “Hey – we have peppermint tea! Maybe that would work.” Brilliant. I make tea, use that as the base water for my chocolate shake and taste it. Meh. I’ll keep trying.


Creative – I had a flash of inspiration on one of the cards I started yesterday. I was tracing out the butterfly design, when my mind said “stop! Leave half blank.” I’ve learned over the years not to question that voice. So, while my hair is curling for tonight’s party, I let that voice of inspiration take over and make some magic. Here’s what showed up:


So, the first of my launch parties ended up not turning out quite as planned, I forget not everyone shows up when they say they will, but my team and I (Margaret and Julia) made the most of it. We had chocolate cake with coconut icing, called a few folks, talked strategy, and even set up a few appointments for next week. Not a total loss, but I hope next week goes better.


Until then…


1- I am so grateful for friends who make time to chat and give guidance and advice. Especially when I’ve known them pretty much my whole life, and they offer up gems of encouragement. Thank you, Heather!

2- I am grateful for healthy chocolate cake. Period.

3- I am incredibly thankful that I have access to so many tools to keep me grounded, inspired, chilled out, and with my head on straight. Where would I be without that?

4- I am thankful for all the firefighters, EMTs, Animal Rescue, and every single person who is doing their part to help in Australia. My heart goes out to everyone who has been affected.

5- Random gratitude perhaps, but I am so grateful that NASA is recruiting astronauts again! This is very exciting stuff. More adventures in the wild beyond. Ah, humanity.









Day Thirty One on the Path: Balancing Work and Play

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 6, 2020 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (1)

There's been a lot going on this week already, and more to come over the next several days, so I'm aiming for a more mellow day today. I have very little on the schedule that has to be done at a specific time, so that frees me up a bit. Let's get creative!


Exercise – Phenomenal Abdominals again today. I really like the way I feel after these workouts – like I’ve been pushed to the edge of endurance and getting stronger. Today is borderline cardio because it has lunges and big sweeping arm movements, but it feels more like strength work, so that’s okay by me. I’m sticking with it.


Meditation – Again, I follow the meditation that goes with the workout video. It’s just too darn simple to click the track right after the video and just relax. I like the visualization he does of roots, and releasing any tension back into Mother Earth so she can recycle it into something useful. It appeals to my tree-hugger sensibilities. I finish up with a quick watch of my vision board, and move on with my day.

Healthy Meal – I’m zhuzhing! Enough with the plain shakes already, I need some variety. C’mon – you knew my antsy ways would catch up with me somewhere this week! Why not food? Into my vanilla shake, I throw in some blueberries, carrots, flaxseed, and a healthy portion of cranberry juice. Top it all off with the digestion, collagen, and greens boosters from Arbonne, and I have a shake! Okay – admittedly, this LOOKS chocolate when it comes out of the blender. But it’s fruity and tangy and really quite good. My second shake is for dinner, so I make it a little something special as well.


There’s a FB group with recipes for sprucing up these shakes. I use one called Cinnamon Roll Shake. It has vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom (ok, I added that just because I love it with all things vanilla), and that’s it. So simple, but it magically transforms into a cinnamon roll! OMG. So goooooooooddddd.

Creative – I spent so much time the last few days working on the hubby’s project and the Arbonne launch, that I am really excited to have enough time to get back to art and music today. First, I sketch out that new design I received during my sensory deprivation float over the weekend. Then I transfer it onto a card to create further details. I transfer two more butterfly designs onto cards so that they’re ready to color later this week.


Secondly, I also get to play my guitar for about half an hour. I cut my nails just so I could play today without interruption or distraction. I feel a little like I’m in a Disney movie when I play – the cats gather around and listen with eyes half closed and those feline grins on their faces. What an amazingly peaceful practice.

And finally, it’s D&D again tonight! Yep, two weeks in a row, folks! We had a lot of fun last week, but we also lost one member and gained a new one, so there’s much to be learned. And we all leveled up last week, so this will be our first game at our new strengths. Oh, the anticipation…!


1 – I am thankful for those who said “yes” or “No” to my invitations. The response alone shows respect and friendship that I cherish.

2 – I am grateful for luthiers and their art. And that Nancy John gave me lessons when I got my first guitar so I didn’t learn too many bad habits. And that my brother plays guitar and instilled in me the desire to get better so we can play together some time. And that my other brother inspired me with his violin years ago with an appreciation for strings.

3 – I am grateful for the lovely light table the hubs got for me. It is such an amazing tool for my art cards, and makes it possible for me to create a unique card for every single order. Since I only start with the original sketch outline, then color or paint depending on the design, each card is slightly different than any other like it. It takes longer than just creating prints of finished work, but I think worth it.

4 – I am so very thankful for variety, the spice of life.

5 – I am grateful I survived being swallowed by a giant purple worm. I mean, I love purple, but there are limits.










Day Thirty on the Path:Mixed Emotions

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 5, 2020 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”



I have a 9am meeting in NoHo with the Arbonne team, so I hurriedly fix my morning shake and – KAPOW! – chocolate explosion all over the kitchen. WTF?! I just wasted product! And I’m gonna be late! Arrrrgggg! Can’t I just have a cozy of coffee? Bah!

I clean it up – sorry, I didn’t have the presence of mind to snap a photo for this blog, it would have been worthy! – and rush across the valley.

Mixed emotions today – excitement, nervousness, shyness, anxiety, pride – all of them surrounding this new business venture. Today I send out my first invitations to my launch party. What will people think? How will they respond? It’s utterly foreign territory for me, this, and that’s both fantastically exciting and terrifically nerve racking. My team gives me great advice on invitations and how to handle this all, but ultimately it’s me putting myself out there. Ah, what the hey, right? You only live once…

Exercise – Let me preface this with the fact that I’m just getting to my workout at 3:45pm. Not exactly my “morning” routine, but at least I’m squeezing it in. I’m sticking with “21 Days to Phenomenal Abdominals” again – and probably this whole week. Because I’m lazy about thinking things through this week but not lazy in my workout. I even pick up a weight, albeit a 2.5 pounder. Bravo.


Ms Murray kicks my butt today with strength training, then introduces me to…

Meditation – Bradley Thomas, who has a lovely little 8 minute post-workout meditation attached to this course to ground you with the earth, and circulate some good energy. It’s a nice relaxation after exercise, and leads me right into my Vision Board, and a quick "Boost of Confidence" tapping session.

Note: I really should start posting these the next morning instead of in the evening of the day they’re written, because sometimes I miss something good! Like the past two nights of tapping before sleep with the hubby! We’ve done the guided audios with the Tapping App, stuff like “releasing Fear” and “Evening Stress Relief” so that we can truly relax and sleep well. I’m hoping this habit sticks and we continue with this new evening practice.


Healthy Meal – A very sloppy chocolate shake in the morning with digestive booster, cashew milk, and ChagIt. And maybe a little cat hair from my sweater in the mix just for good measure. I do better in the afternoon, actually managing to keep my shake IN the cup! And I add the greens, but I gotta admit the greens are much better suited to the vanilla flavor. Note to self.

Creative – The hubs and I do a final round of photo choices for his flyer. It’s a terrific problem to have – too many outstanding pics to choose from – but it does make it a bit time consuming. We make our final selects and I leave him to refine, retouch, and revise to get them ready for print.

I also do a quick laminate on a couple documents for the parties this week. Sybilla helps. In truth, she doesn’t really have to do anything, just sniffing around and looking at me with her head cocked sideways is generally enough to make me smile or make any task more fun. And even if it’s tantamount to feline encouragement simply so I’ll finish quicker so I can feed her quicker, that’s ok too.



1- I am grateful for so many wonderful people I can call friends. As I look through my contacts and reminisce about how I know each person, I love the stories and histories there. And I am especially grateful for graceful responses of support from so many.

2- I am thankful for home printers. Yeah, I know that may sound like a lame gratitude, but getting stuff printed and ready to go for Thursday would have meant a trip to Kinko’s back in the old days. As it is, I sat in my warm sweater and comfy chair, with my cat curled in my lap, and simply hit “print” and the whole task was done.

3- I am grateful that the 60 mile per hour winds we’ve been having, have not damaged anything or pulled anything down. Other than blowing trash cans around the street, we’ve gone unscathed, and I am sincerely grateful for that.

4- I am grateful that there are enough people who believe we need to take care of our planet, and that it’s a priority, that there are entire giant companies dedicated to that in their practices. I know I’m talking a lot about Arbonne right now, but it isn’t the only one. I just find it so appealing when people put planet and other people over profits.

5- I am thankful for Nancy Pelosi, and all the beautiful memes and gifs she created today. Do you think the “speech rip” will ever be as popular as the “mic drop?’


Peace out, y’all.





Day Twenty Nine on the Path: Getting Medieval In the Flow

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 4, 2020 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello, my name is Lesley and I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant.

I’m just getting used to the way this sounds as I start a 30 Days to Healthy Living challenge with my new products and start learning what it is I’m sharing with people. And there is much to learn…it’s a bit daunting, but also so fun to learn something new. If you get an invitation, don't feel pressured - know it's because I want to include you in the entire experience of this, and because I like you, and because I know you'll be a supportive face in the crowd.

Meditation – I feel the need to keep things simple this week. So much is changing and happening that I want my self care to support that rather than cause more anxiety. So, I open up my phone and go to the Oak App. This is a great little meditation app with guided and unguided music tracks, breathing exercises, and courses – if you want to pay for them, which I don’t – on meditation and mantras. I use it when I just need something quick and easy for my meditation. Like today. I pick “Loving Kindness” for today. 10 minutes of self love, sending happiness, health, and peace to others and to the entire world. It’s a very simple meditation, but really packs a punch to start your day on a positive note.

Exercise – I'm getting medieval on this exercise stuff and going for “21 Days to Phenomenal Abdominals” by Janine Murray on Daily Om. It’s affirmations and a workout all in one! She also has a rather in-depth nutrition plan, but I’ve never followed it – too complicated for my schedule. Remember that whole “I need to keep it simple this week” comment? Yeah, her diet plan isn’t, but her workout is comprehensive and pretty darn challenging. It cycles through alignment and balance, core strength, and cardio (aka empowerment) workouts – two of each every week with one day of rest and relaxation. Each workout is about 20 minutes long, and starting on the second day, she also has a 5-6 minute meditation after the workout. You’ll see what I mean when I use it tomorrow.


Healthy Meal – Day one of my 30 Days of Health with Arbonne. A vanilla shake with the digestion plus, a scoop of greens, and a shot of ChagIt, all mixed with cashew milk. Healthy meal #1…check! I also made a detox tea with my collagen supplement added in. It’s pretty astringent, so not sure I’d use that combo again. Healthy meal #2 is a chocolate shake, this time with water instead of cashew milk – just to see the difference. It’s slightly less creamy, but the taste isn’t really impacted at all. Both are good – and I’m not even a big fan of chocolate, so that’s saying something.


Creative – This afternoon we take another revision pass on the flyer for hubby’s headshot business. He has until tomorrow to get a final draft ready for printers to set and send back a proof. Can’t wait to see it. I also got a last minute audition in Santa Monica, which makes me smile. It’s a commercial audition – which means almost literally anything can happen – and that’s just the fun of it. Ever see that commercial where the guy dances with the cow? Ever stop to imagine what that audition room was like? Just imagine you walk into a room and the guy behind the camera says “I need you to dance kinda sexy with that imaginary cow over there.” Yep – that’s commercial land.


1- I am always grateful for auditions, but especially for commercial auditions. Even though it means a drive to Santa Monica right at the edge of rush hour traffic, I am looking forward to it! Yay!

2- I am thankful that the vanilla shake is so tasty that even my hubby liked it. (WHAT!?!) That’s right, he may end up joining me on this 30 days of healing. And once I sell something, I’m all for buying another kit so he can feel the full benefits right alongside me. As a side note, I will be posting some progress shots, recipes, and such of this 30 day Arbonne program here, but I’ll have more on my Instagram if you wanna see more!

3- I am so grateful for social media, my ability to function within it, and awareness of its utility, and for the friends I’ve met from faraway places I never could have met any other way. I know it can be a giant time suck if allowed, but it is also a fantastic tool for creating a smaller world where we can all connect.

4- I am thankful that my theatre bag – yep, that one from the show two weeks ago – is finally cleaned out and everything put back away instead of it sitting on my office ottoman for another few days and mocking my lack of attention to de-cluttering.









Day Twenty Eight on the Path: One Month Down

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 3, 2020 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (0)

The end of four weeks on this lovely journey! Wow! Thank you for coming with me this far. About 10 more weeks to go, and I am really looking forward to it. Let’s get to the day and the recap for the week.

Meditation- I feel like I’ve done a lot of meditation and tapping on specifics this week, so I’m opting for a simple, straightforward mindful meditation today. I light some incense (nag champa) and a candle in the alter, do the body scan from the Fitzmaurice work to get me calm and focused, then I set a timer for 20 minutes of doing nothing but breathing. It’s blissful. And really noisy to start with, but my thoughts quiet within a few minutes and the rest is actually blissful.


Exercise – It looks like more of the same moves on the 9 Minute workout course, so I’m just shifting back to my own playlist and core workout today. I know it seems like I jump around a lot and don’t stick with a course, but I listen to what my body is wanting to do, how it wants to move, and respecting that. So today, I’ll do abs, core, and lower body on my own. Take a look back at Day 17 for more details on what this workout is.


Healthy Meal – Grapefruit with Bulgarian yogurt and a sprinkle of Flax seed. Now there’s a power breakfast if ever.

Creative – Part of my day is set aside to help the hubs designing a new flyer for his headshot business. It’s fun, but daunting to look through his shoots and pick the very best to represent his work and the uniqueness of what he does. He offers something called an “In Character” shoot that blows my mind…it’s an actor’s fantasy shoot that makes them look like they’re already on set in their favorite show. He’s done everything from sci-fi alien to homeless person, and they are amazing, not to mention sooooo much fun! Actors in general hate headshots because they’re sitting still in front of a camera. It’s very self-conscious. But not this - you get to escape into a world you want to be in and just play pretend. We try to pinpoint what is different about his headshot sessions, and this is sure part of it. By the time I have to move on to other tasks, we have a pretty good basic mock-up decided on.

Class night at Crash! Yay! Always great to watch other scenes, hear the critique, learn more about the how’s and why’s of this craft we call acting. Sorry there isn’t more detail here – it’s a four hour class, so lots happens, but you kind of have to be there to understand it all in context. Otherwise, we’re just doing a warm-up exercise where we visualize a little squirrel climbing up our leg, into our bodies, and eating the apple in our bellies – and that would just sound weird.

Ooooh, I did make some new shower soap today. Making soap for us makes me feel like a modern day California hippie – which, I am. But it also lets me know exactly what I’m putting on the largest organ of the body, my skin. And I like to make sure that what I put on it is equally good for what’s in it. So here’s the mix: raw honey, castile soap, vitamin E oil, almond oil, and some essential oils for scent. My favorite recipe is one I found on a DIY blog called DIY Natural.



Here’s how the week went:

7 healthy meals and 1 extra snack that qualified

7 workouts from 9 mins to 31 mins/day

6 Meditations from 8 mins to 40 mins/day and 1 Sensory Deprivation Float for 60 minutes

7 times through my Vision Board for 2020: 3 mins/day

6 tapping meditations: 8 to 12 mins/day

And 35 gratitudes for the week.


My Personal Progress Report:

Job – Yep. I started with Arbonne and already have two parties on the books. Still applying to other places, but momentum is moving with me now.

Acting and creativity – strong. I have 2 new scenes for class, plus another in the making. I’ve been offered a part in an upcoming play, and I had two

Healthy body – Good. My wrist is much better. It’s not entirely flexible yet, and still a bit stiff, but manageable and no brace for several days now. Weight is down another pound, and another inch off the waist. That’s about 7 pounds lost this month. Whooop!

Overall sense of wellbeing and fulfillment with life – strong. I feel filled with hope and determination, and I’m excited to see what’s next. Hey, I mean, if my Chiefs can win a Superbowl, anything is possible! I’m shifting my entire paradigm about what I can and cannot do as well, and that kind of growth is incredibly healthy and empowering.



1- The Chiefs! Superbowl. ‘nuff said.

2- An absolutely amazing class night at Crash. I am so grateful for nights like this that get me jazzed about learning and progressing in my craft.

3- I am grateful for a tuna salad sandwich lovingly made for me by hubby before class so I wouldn’t starve. And for coming home to find trash cans already set on the curb for pickup tomorrow morning. One less thing on my list! Thank you, hubby!

4- I am thankful that my input is welcome and valuable to my husband’s endeavors as well as my own. It’s all about being of service, and I’m so very glad to be helpful.

5- I am grateful to see progress in pretty much every category this week. It makes me feel so good to see shifts happening. 

More, more, more!











Day Twenty Seven on the Path: contemplation and inspiration

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 2, 2020 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

I’ve been awake most of the night, just thinking. My dear hubby, in an effort to be supportive, I’m sure, sent me about six links about why Arbonne is not a good idea, not going to work for me, etc. This is the same person who was so gung ho about them before I went to the event, and was so proud I’d decided to do this. Until now, apparently. So, of course, now I am second guessing every aspect of my decision and doubting whether or not I can do it at all. Add to that, I have my strategy meeting this afternoon with my supervisor, and today is pretty much the last chance to change my mind. No pressure, right? I’m kinda feeling stuck in a rotten predicament: move forward and do yet one more thing the hubs isn’t on board with, or drop it and go back to having nothing but some unanswered job applications.

And so, I think.

Meditation – Obviously, I’m tapping on clarity and meditating on confidence today. I start with “Releasing Self-Doubt” on the Tapping Solution app, then move on to “Releasing the Fear of Criticism” so I don’t have that hanging over my decision. It really helps clear away the “outside” perception and let me see what I want to do in this moment. And I make the decision to leap.


This evening for date night, the hubby and I head to Pasadena for one of my favorite activities ever – sensory deprivation tanking. Most folks just call it “floating” because the other sounds rather sinister. But it is better than a week of massages for body, mind, and spirit for me, and I can definitely use the recharge. Sometimes my experience is simply relaxing, with a little bit of a nap (the most restorative nap I’ve ever had), and others it is a visual adventure extraordinaire. I get some of my best art and music inspiration in the tanks. I do a quick relaxation meditation and breathing technique before I get in, which helps me relax into the environment more quickly. My first time, I thought I might get a bit claustrophobic – but it is the exact opposite. The lack of perceived walls or ceiling or floor or gravity just allows my spirit to soar.

Exercise – I stick with the 9 Minute Science Workout but I skip to Lesson 8 because the next lesson in line has burpees in it. Not the best for a healing wrist. Lesson 8 also has HIIT in the form of squats and jumps that’ll give me plenty of cardio kick without tweaking my arm.


Healthy Meal – I have a really yummy dairy-free boba tea to breakfast at TeaPop during our meeting, and a filling Matcha Protein and cashew milk shake for lunch. I’m satisfied. Bonus healthy meal – sushi again for date night. We go back to Musashi for some more rolls and miso soup. I think I could just live with albacore sushi and be happy.


Creative – Cleaning and clearing space was about all I had time for today, what with meetings and unboxings and floating and all. I organized the office again, cleaning out stuff that could be filed away, and opening whatever mail had been awaiting my attention. This gives me a nice clear slate to work on creative stuff tomorrow. On an inspiring creative note, my float was a very visual experience again. I have some new art ideas that I’ll be sketching out this week. I’ll try to note which came from my float!


1 - a great team of gals to work with and guide me through this new product world so I don’t get too overwhelmed or off track.

2 – I am thankful that all of my “healthy meals” for the next 30 days are being taken care of by the giant box of products I just received. Although, I suspect I will still change things up a bit, and maybe find some new recipes over the month, I am grateful to have a straightforward option to lean on when I’m out of time or brainpower.

3 – I am incredibly grateful for date night with the hubs. What a wonderful opportunity to get out of the house, talk briefly about life and money and all the stuff going on, then just let go and have a great time together. It is a much needed recharge every week.

4 – I am grateful to have a float center close enough that I can go at least once each month and literally shut out the world. It is inspiring and relaxing, and a wonderful therapy to counter just about anything that ails ya. Oh, and I’m grateful for that cream they have for you to use and cover cuts before you get into the salt water of the tank. Big help, that one, because…well…cats!

5 – I am thankful for hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.


Well, here we go, folks. Off on a new adventure. See you all tomorrow...








Day Twenty Six on the Path:Blossoming

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TGIF! Actually, I’m not sure that statement has much impact for self-employed folks – every day is a work day or a weekend when you work for yourself. But, I’m feeling grateful for the end of a complicated week nonetheless.

I take a solid hour and a half to look at the introductory materials of my new Arbonne venture. There’s a pretty comprehensive workbook to get you started by defining your goals and how much time you have to dedicate to this. I want to be realistic to accomplish milestones, but idealistic enough to push myself. So I put plenty of thought and time into my answers. I’m kind of excited – never saw myself as someone who could do a product-based business like this – my entire work life has been service-based rather than product-based. New year, new direction, new possibilities.

Meditation – I’m sticking with the Mind Movies programs for today and it seems particularly apropos to listen to the “Abundant Success Guided Meditation.” It’s a 20 minute visualization meditation track - a very pleasant journey of walking through a verdant park.I highly recommend earphones to avoid interruptions.

Exercise – I stick with the 9 Minute Science workout today – mainly because the session is called “Zen Den” and that means yoga which makes me happy. And because I ignored my own rule – no checking email before my “me” time – and it’s noon before I realize it. This is why I avoid social media and emails until I finish my self-care. I click on the video and enjoy some very simple extended yoga moves – this is basically a very slow, almost Iyengar style, sun salutation, with pauses in plank, pauses in down dog, pauses in cobra, etc. It’s stretchy, and I like that, especially after the strength work and bike riding earlier this week. My muscles thank me.

Later in the afternoon, hubby and I go for a walk as well – two exercises in one day!?! This is a steady paced walk, not power walking or strolling, but somewhere in between. Remember that lovely park I was telling you about int the meditation? I kinda live there - But we have some butt-kicking hills in the hood too, so it still counts as a workout. But what a fun one!


Healthy Meal – The hubs is up and cooking a lovely brunchy thing by the time I finish my workout. It’s an omelette with cheese, black beans, roasted onions and peppers, avocado, with salsa and pico de gallo on top. And wow is it tasty! (Billa agrees)


Creative – In a way, my workbook for Arbonne is creative writing – I mean, it’s imagination work for where I want to be in a year or five or ten, so that’s creative too. But, the point of this venture is to leave time for my other creative endeavors as well, so today I’m also focusing on that. I started writing another song for my musical, The Refugee. The story is about a mother who takes her daughter out of the Middle East to avoid an arranged marriage at a very young age. I have a few of the songs written, but today’s is the first solo by a male voice, and it may be the first time I’ve written for a male voice ever. Not that it makes that much difference, but it feels different. I get the basic story of the song down and the chorus worked through, but there’s still a lot of work to be done on the verses and breaks. Just glad I made a start!


1 – I am grateful to have survived and finished off this complicated week with my spirit pretty much intact. I’ve felt the blows of disappointment, done some hard core tapping, faced meetings I’d much rather have avoided, and stepped into a brand new reality. Thankful for each of those steps along the path, and the lessons they afford me in emerging from my cocoon of complacency.

2- I am grateful for a delightful walk with the hubs today. It’s fairly rare for us to get any alone time outside of our Saturday Date Night, so today was an unexpected pleasure.

3 – I am thankful for decades of experience in business and administration and organizing. It makes this whole first step with Arbonne easier knowing I already have a contact management system to use, filing systems in place, etc. All those years working in offices pay off from time to time.

4 – I am thankful for my office haven where I can go and hideout or recharge and face the world again.

5 – I am grateful to get a couple more bills paid and off my shoulders today. I hate stretching things out. I’d prefer to pay thing early instead of the day they’re due, but Paul robbed Peter a little early this month and I had to wait until he built back up his reserves. Anywhoo, nice to get that off my chest and out of my head for another month.

And that's a wrap for tonight, beautiful folks. But tomorrow is another day... (sweeping Gone With the Wind music)





Day Twenty Five on the Path: It Begins With

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Well, I’m up early today, just can’t sleep and am ready to get this day rolling. The house is quiet, with just the gentle burble of the coffee pot breaking the silence. If it weren’t so chilly, I’d take my coffee outside with a script or a book. Alas, I’m Californicated and can’t stand hanging out when it dips below 60 degrees.

Meditation – Since I’m the first one up this morning, and I need to be quiet for a bit longer, I start my day with that lovely 40 minute Healthy Relaxation audio track again. It’s lovely – quiets the mind, I doze off a little bit, the cats snuggle in my lap – it’s a nice way to start the day without the frenetic energy I sometimes have when I’m up early.

I also do a fair amount of tapping today. I found out this morning that my biggest client for event planning is no longer able to hire me as an independent contractor. It’s all to do with the legalities of sub-contractors and such that were brought up with the recent Uber lawsuit. So my client is restructuring and having to cut out all Contract Coordinators. There may be some smaller opportunities there, but not enough to replace the income I generally count on from events with them throughout the year. I submit my post-event summary and have a debrief call with their office, knowing this is probably the last time I’ll do that. Sometimes, the Universe, the Divine, God – whoever you want to call it – gives you a right big kick in the tuchus away from one direction you’ve been headed, clearing space for a new one. At least that’s what I’m telling myself and tapping on today. I may have bruises on my meridians from so much tapping this week!

Exercise – I’m feeling a little rebellious today, and the need for some heavy strength training and core toning. As I browse the collection of workout options, and filter out those that my wrist isn’t up for just yet, I land on that 9 Minute Science Based workout I was doing last week. I already know there’s no warm-up included, so I do my “rack and roll” stretches (see Day One for description) and a quick basic sun salutation to get the blood moving. Then I dive into Lesson 5 of this Daily Om course – picking this day because it is focuses only on strength training. I actually end up skipping the push-ups section and doing the crunches section twice to spare my arm. Someone decides to join me for the floor work.



Healthy Meal – Bibimbap is a favorite around here. I try to skip the rice and just use mashed sweet potatoes instead to give it a healthier spin. Not only does it add more color, but it is way more nutrient rich too. This one has ground pork, carrot ribbons, zucchini squash, and sweet potato, and it’s darned yummy. Win-win.


Creative – I’m not positive that submitting job applications counts as “creative” but that’s a big portion of what I’m doing today. I’m also not certain that coloring my hair counts as creative, but I’m counting them both… because I can.

Otherwise, I read the scene from “Her” that I was supposed to read a couple days ago. I need to go back and read the whole script as well, but haven’t managed that just yet. I like the scene though, and have already started doing a little world building and imagination work on the character. That’s about it on the creative front.


One post note…

My friend invited me to a little house party tonight to talk about hosting a party for her Arbonne business. While there, she asked if I had any interest in being an independent distributor instead of just hosting a party. Talk about timing – One big source of income disappears, and within hours another possibility pops up. You’re funny, Universe. So I said “sure.”



1- I am grateful for six years as a Coordinator with LA Works. It has been a wonderful, growth filled experience, and I have made some amazing friends along that journey. I am so thankful for their faith in me over their years, and hope to work with them in some capacity again some day.

2- I am incredibly grateful for big fuzzy sweaters that keep me warm on chilly winter mornings.

3- I am grateful for new opportunities and possibilities, and the friends that bring them into my sphere.

4- I am thankful for a new scene to work on. Now that the play is over and my other scene in class was retired, I was feeling adrift. Now I have a great new scene to focus on.

5- I am grateful to Mother Earth for letting us all hang out here for a few millennia. Grateful for the sound of wind in the trees out back, and the ripples in the water of the pool. Grateful for roses and agapanthus and jacaranda blooms. Grateful that the branch of our neighbor’s lemon tree grows over to our side of the fence. Grateful for seasons again, or as close as we get to them in So Cal. Grateful for sunshine and moonglow and humanities connection to it all.