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Tales of Chaotic Good

This is our world. We can make it better. Here are a few ideas about how…Welcome to “Tales of Chaotic Good” -- stories about universal connection and the shifts that can help shape our collective future.

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Day Forty Four on the Path: Craptastic

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 20, 2020 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Ever have one of those days when one small thing seems to spark a chain of bad events that add up to a crushing weight by day’s end? Yeah, me too.

It started when the plug for my microphone broke while I was in the middle of recording an audition. Thankfully we had a spare cord in the garage. Then a friend I’ve been really wanting to reconnect with didn’t answer when I called at our scheduled time. She called later and explained she was dealing with her very own “craptastic” day. Then I got the text from my bank that my account was overdrawn. I moved funds from savings. The weekly paycheck from my new business that was supposed to get paid on Tuesdays (today) got mussed up in the set up process and delayed by a week. Then I got word that my sister-in-law is back in the hospital after several rounds of chemo, and then I stepped on the scale…

Note: Do not EVER step on a scale when you’re already upset. It is not a happy place or comforting woobie. In fact, my suggestion is to just ditch the scale altogether. I threw mine out the window today and that did make me feel so much better (no, not really.)

Almost all of these were fixable in their own way, and none of the little things today were major enough to upset me by themselves, but when piled one on top of the other and combined with more serious bad news it was quite a storm. I just had to sit and cry for a few minutes and let it all release, because you just can’t solve the world’s problems in a day, no matter how much I try or want to.

Exercise – I went back to my own core workout again today. I just didn’t have the heart to start another course yet, and I didn’t want to think too hard about what to do, so I just fell back on my standby. It’s a combo of crunches, sustained plank poses, leg work, and more all set to my favorite playlist on my phone. It’s not a super long workout – about 15 minutes all told – but it’s a good one.

Meditation – My Vision Board is first on the agenda again today. I really like this strategy of watching before I’m awake enough to filter. I’m feeling the pressure this week on bills and such, so a lot of the abundance slides ring false to me. Aha! Sounds like something to tap on. There’s one oh-so-aptly named “I’m stressed about money” that I quickly open up and tap, tap, tap along with.

Healthy Meal – I have a confession to make. I am completely addicted to oat milk. I admit it. I know it’s higher calories than other milks, but that creaminess is so worth it! And it makes my breakfast shake sooooo delish. Today I also get to have a great matcha latte (also with oat milk!) and a giant salad with grilled chicken on it. Feeling full!

Creative – I have a last minute voiceover audition this morning, right about the time the hubby’s client arrives. The challenge here is the noise from downstairs as everyone says hello and brings in wardrobe and the voices raised in excitement of the day. I try the first couple takes working around this, but the vibrations keep bleeding through my closet door. So, I opt to wait about ten minutes until things settle downstairs. And, voila! I get two solid takes of the entire two pages of dialogue during a clear spot in the conversations! I spend about 30 minutes working to condense and refine my favorite of the two, then ship it off to my agent.

By mid-day I’m on the road again to have lunch with a fellow actor at SAG. She’s in between classes – FREE Classes, people! How do so many members of this amazing union fail to take advantage of free classes? – so we walk next door for a salad. It’s so nice to catch up! I don’t do nearly enough of this kind of socializing, and make a note to reach out to several other friends I’ve kind of lost touch with because I’m a bad communicator and don’t follow up often enough with folks. I keep my friends in my heart, but it really is good to reach out and tell them that in person once in a while. We’re having such a good time that it’s 4:30 before I know it. Now I’ll be headed home in traffic, but it was worth it.


1 – I am grateful that most of my little traumas today had resolutions today, even if the larger ones did not.

2 – I am grateful for gluten free Chinese food at our local restaurant. Nobody feels like cooking tonight, I don’t really even feel like eating tonight, but something warm and healthy hits the spot.

3 – I am grateful for reconnecting with friends.

4 – I am grateful for the plethora of nondairy milk options out there these days. Seriously, I don’t ever need to drink regular milk again with all these nut milks. My body says a hearty “thank you!”

5 – I am grateful for a last-minute chances: one voiceover audition this morning and a call to be on set tomorrow for a new pilot.







Day Forty Three on the path:Just another monday

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 18, 2020 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

It's Monday. Just another Monday. A day completely at home, without errands to run or outside agendas. I love these days.

Exercise – Since I missed one day last week, I take today to finish off the 9 Minute Science workout from Daily Om. It is basically a review of every single exercise and move included in the previous 13 days all packed into one session. I grew to appreciate this course, with the understanding that I needed a warmup of my own before starting, so 9 minutes isn’t entirely accurate for a whole workout. But I liked her energy and the workout was pretty good most days. I also feel like I need to step it back up again, and now that the course is completed, I’ll find something new again for the rest of the week.


Meditation – I literally start my day with my vision board – before tea or water or any kind of mental activity. I want to see how much feels truthful to me without giving myself time to consider and rationalize that answer. Some slides do – The ones about feeling loved and having the home of my dreams and such. Others still feel like I’m hoping for them rather than owning their imminent arrival, and that’s the shift I want on focus on today. Part of the Law Of Attraction fundamentals is the ability to feel as though something is already true and on its way and arriving any minute now. The fact that it is real and yours is a foregone conclusion, and thus you attract it to you. This is probably the toughest aspect of this work for me, because I’m a bit of a pragmatist in this regard. My mind says “Yes, I know I need to feel as though there were a million bucks already in my bank account and how wonderful and abundant that feels, but I’m looking at it in (red) and white and having a hard time feeling all those feels.” So my meditation today is focused here. Not on my bank account – gracious, no! – but on believing in a different reality just around the corner and integrating it into my now.

Healthy Meal – Nothing fancy today, just falafel leftovers, shakes, and a new body cleanse drink that is the focus of the Arbonne cleanse for week third week. I'm drinking so may fluids throughout the day now, I think I may just float away!


Creative – One of my classmates got grilled in class last night about what he wants as an actor. It made me think about my goals as well, and whether or not I’m as crystal clear on them as I once was. Without clarity, there can be no consistent action, and therefore no real progress. This falls directly in line with the meditation today, with my current work, with pretty much everything I’m feeling pulled toward today. So, in addition to my abundance meditating, and including my acting and Arbonne work in that equation, I am also taking the time to write down my specifics - for art, acting, music, money, all of it. It’s time to get really clear and devise a strategy to achieve some of these milestones instead of wishing for progress to simply arrive. It’s not the first time I’ve done this exercise, but, like all things, circling back and taking a fresh look from a different perspective from time to time is helpful to realign and reinvigorate efforts. Sometimes, it’s more about finding the next step than altering the bigger picture.




1- I am grateful to have cleaned off and sorted my desk and work space today. It always helps me think more clearly when I don’t have clutter around me.

2- I am grateful for an unexpected hour to myself today! I think I squandered part of it just soaking in a tub to warm up, but how wonderful to have the house to myself for a whole sixty minutes.

3- I am thankful for an hour of focused work with my Arbonne mentors today. It really does help to get some outside perspective sometimes.

4- I am grateful for my college degree. Not that it’s doing me much good right now in the job search, but it reminds me that I can accomplish things through determination - even if they don’t happen quite according to plan. I keep it on my wall next to a postcard that reads “Own your life” so I have instant motivation at hand when needed. Funny story – I graduated in 2015; went to Massachusetts for the graduation ceremony, wore the cap and gown honors chords, and all. But when a year had passed and my BA paperwork never showed up in the mail, I contacted the school to see what the issue was. Seems someone had missed checking off a certain box somewhere, and I was still shown as incomplete on my coursework. My advisor fixed it in a jiffy, but they could not retroactively issue the completion. So my tassel says “2015” but the actual certificate says “2016.”

5- I am grateful that I am not the only person who makes mistakes. Sometimes, I talk with a friend who seems to have everything buttoned down and completely together, only to discover their lives are as messy as my own. And I would never wish that on someone, but it is comforting to know I’m not freewheeling completely out here alone.


Day Forty Two on the Path: Methinks it is time

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 17, 2020 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The end of week five and what a week it has been. A whole ton has happened this week, some of the most profound just today. Alright – now let’s recap this puppy!


Exercise – We’re back to the combination of high intensity intervals, strength, and yoga today on the 9 Minute Science workout. I’m surprised to find I like a smattering of cardio every day – maybe because then I don’t feel obligated to do one day of focused cardio!

Meditation – I watch my vision board and finish listening to the third lesson of “From Stuck to Flow” today. Some of Ms Wiseman’s points get a smidge repetitive, but I love the idea of looking at how we transition in life. Do you see you’re stuck and jump immediately into change? Or do you hang onto complacency with everything you’ve got and refuse to budge. It puts me in mind of a book I read back in my stockbrokerage days called “Who Moved My Cheese?” I know it’s an allegory, but it has mice and cheese in it, so it’s cute, and it’s always stuck with me over the years. The book (and this course as well for that matter) is all about the various ways we deal with change in life. As I examine my own life in the homework assignment, I feel like I’ve been stuck in the same pattern for a very long time: change, get comfy, get bored or dissatisfied, take a beating, change…rinse and repeat.

I think back to my stockbroker days, when I was so excited to be doing this sexy new job and living on my own. It was great until I realized one day that work had replaced anything and everything else in my life – you know, like friends and hobbies and creativity. And rather than moderating work and accommodating a healthy dose of the other, I just decided to quit the job, move back home and re-engage with family and friends and the rest. Complete reversal rather than compromise. So, then I’m home and completely into friends and hobbies and creativity, and have no great job to provide financial stability. Okay, now I’m connected but broke, which leads right back to the same coin of dissatisfaction. I get a job, and become consumed with it – yup, at the expense of my friends and hobbies and creativity. I get despondent after a while because I’m making money, but I’m not being creative and don’t have a strong social circle, so I quit the job and move and get really into friends and my art, neglecting that whole income thing.

Hmmm. Yeah, that’s a pretty clear pattern there. And I’ve done it right up through adulthood and into middle age. I’m still doing it, truth be told, and I know this because I hear myself saying far too often that I can’t finish that art or play that guitar or have that lunch with a friend because I have so much to do. Perhaps, methinks, it is time to break that cycle and ferment a new cheese.

I can’t find a tapping meditation on gouda, but I do find one on releasing the past. I also do a little tapping without guidance and just come up with my own script that is specific to what I’m targeting. About 30 minutes total.

Healthy Meal –Falafel, anyone? In addition to my shake today, the hubs has a yummy falafel and hummus dinner waiting for me when I get home tonight. It includes a salad with tomatoes and beets – a personal favorite of mine. And all of it cleanse friendly.

Creative – The hubby and I work on a final mock up for his new photography brochure. It’s such a crazy balance of smiles and serious, solid backgrounds and locations, guys, girls, ethnicity, etc. And then there are layout options for how to balance photos with text. So much goes into these pieces! But I think we got a really great balance, and I can’t wait to see the final print.

It’s Sunday, and that means Crash Class! Tonight is another really wonderful learning experience. I don’t have a scene up this week, but I have two that are in rehearsal right now, so we chat and schedule time during the week to get together. We also start class with some visualization exercises and discovering how we receive from others – a key to great acting is listening and receiving, so how we feel that in the body is a good hint to whether or not we are really open or still shielding. I’m a very adept shielder, let me tell you. But I am also learning great ways to not judge that and just gradually allow myself to open. In tonight’s exercise I can feel which side of my body, and which exact part, is the least receptive, most protected. Which is great, because now I have a starting point - I can begin the process of allowing from there.



1 – I am grateful for realizations without judgment

2 – I am thankful for the opportunity to release old patterns and redefine my path

3 – I am grateful to have reached the halfway point in my 30 day cleanse. Two more weeks to go! And I’m also incredibly thankful for my clients just starting their own 30 day cleanse today. How fun to guide them along!

4 – I am thankful for my organizational mania… I mean skills. I can see how overwhelming any business might feel without tracking the moving pieces, and that is my specialty. I am also grateful for Google Drive and Google Sheets where I pretty much organize my entire life.

5 – I am so thankful for chatting with family and just hearing their voices. I miss them all, but know they are here with me, and I with them, always.


Here’s how the week went:

13 shakes and 7 healthy meals

6 workouts and one mulligan

6 meditations and viewings of my vision board

4 extra tapping meditations

And 35 gratitudes for the week.


My Personal Progress Report:

Job – good. Two parties done and 3 new clients this week with Arbonne. Still applying to other places, but feeling confident and ready to help more.

Acting and creativity – good. I had a great rehearsal, a table read for a new short film, read one script and one play, and made some quirky videos this week. I also spoke with my agents and have new classes and headshots in the next couple weeks to plan for. And I broke out the Soulcards and had a float for some extra creative inspiration.

Healthy body – Good. Weight is up another pound, but I am feeling fantastic! So much energy and feeling my body smile because of the healthy stuff I’m feeding it. No change to measurements this week.

Overall sense of wellbeing and fulfillment with life – good. I am ready to start my week with focus and make things happen. I am feeling more balance and more happiness by the day, and that is incredibly welcome. And I’m beginning to shift some old worn out patterns to make way for new progress.

Let’s keep going…







Day Forty One on the Path: back on track

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 16, 2020 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Back on track after yesterday, today is a lovely sunny day here in California. I know it’s the weekend, but when you work for yourself that doesn’t always factor, so I get a bit of work in early in the day. Then it’s all about relaxing with the hubs. Here’s the gist.

Exercise – I start off with the 9 Minutes Science workout. Today is “Zen Den part Two” which makes me smile broadly…yoga. My fave. It’s a very basic sun salutation series again, and what else could it be in that short amount of time? I enjoy every minute.


Meditation – As I finish up child’s pose, I bust out a eucalyptus and mint candle. I need to make sure there’s no residual guilt over missing yesterday, and these scents seem to help with clearing the air. I pull out the zafu, hit a half lotus, and do a 15 minute “Loving kindness” meditation on the Oak App. This is a guided meditation of three simple phrases: may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be at peace. It’s so straight forward, and I think therein lies the power for me of this particular meditation. I’m not focused on remembering the phrases, but focused on the intention and emotion and sensations tied to each. You start by focusing these phrases toward yourself, then to those in your immediate circle of friends and family, then you extend that same love and peace out to all living beings. How very kumbaya.


As an added bonus, the hubby and I have a float at the end of our date night tonight. Although he apparently has some kind of mechanical glitch with his room and ends his float early, mine is another spectacular hour. I use ujjayi breathing to get myself completely relaxed and focused on breath, and I get a wonderful ebb and flow of quiet interspersed with vibrant inspiration.

Healthy Meal – I want at least a touch of variety here so I try out a recipe for a Strawberry Vanilla shake for breakfast. It’s really cranberry juice, water, shake powder, a touch of vanilla extract, and the greens powder. But it tastes remarkably like strawberry vanilla when mixed together. A nice change of pace. I also get a really yummy Chinese chicken chopped salad while we’re out for dinner. It’s gigantic, but I eat every single bite. The topper for the evening is a lovely honey lavender tea latte from Le Petit Biscuit in Pasadena, where we stop for an hour or so to watch a dear friend of mine spin records of reggae, blues, and Lebanese hits.


Creative – The creative journey of the day starts by wandering around a fabulous bookstore in Pasadena. Vroman's is a staple int he area, and it has some of the best selection of books and tchotchkes around. I usually spend most of my time exploring new science fiction and fantasy books - and I do manage to find several new titles for my audiobook collection - but this evening I find myself in the poetry aisle discovering old favorites and new talents. Only one comes home with me because we have a semi-strictly enforced moratorium on book purchase at Chez Donne - we already have more than we can shelve. it was a toss up between Oliver and Bronte, but Miss Bronte's brilliance is too good to pass up.


As promised, the hubs and I floated as the capper of our evening out, and this float was spectacularly visual. I have a relaxation exercise to get me started - relaxing each muscle group in the head, then torso, all the way down to the feet. Once I’m relaxed, I visualize and try to actually feel the energetic lighting as well of my earth chakra – the one below and just outside of my body, the one that sends roots down into the ground to connect with earth and create a safe space from which to explore. Once I feel the power and security of Mother Earth flow up to me, then I light my own seven chakras from that energy, waiting until each is fully lit and unobstructed before moving on. I go all the way up to the tippy-top of my head and feel the energy extend just above that to light the astral chakra as well. This energy flows up – way up, all the way beyond our planet and galaxy and into the unknown of the universe, connecting with that eternal wisdom and infinite possibility. Once connected to that source, the energy flows back down to me, joining with my energy and the earth energy to create one very powerful energy stew. I’m surprised the tank isn’t buzzing with it, and in a way it is. This recipe is a fantastic creative and relaxing zone. I come away with a new art project – a painting this time instead of a card design – and lots of snippets of musical or writing inspiration as well.



1 – I am grateful for another great float, for the stress free environment it provides, and the inspiration if affords.

2 – I am thankful to learn about new talents in old friends, and get to experience those talents first hand.

3 – I am thankful for a shiny clean car. Thank you, hubby!

4 – I am grateful for our much abused planet, for whatever great power created her, and for those who work so hard to care for her.

5 – I am so grateful for the inventions of pen and paper. I know we have computers now, but sometimes the tactile experience of “jotting” something down helps to embed the experience more than a keyboard can. Maybe less so for some, but I’m OG, and that’s what works for me.








https://www.thelawofattraction.com/7-chakras ;

Day Forty on the Path: This aint that kind of mull

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 15, 2020 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

I have a memory of listening to Paul McCartney sing "Mull of Kintyre" in my older brother's room as a kid living in Clem, Georgia. He had a short plaid carpet in his attic room, with a drum set in one corner, a waterbed in the center, and the most glorious collection of vinyls I've ever seen to this day. I can hear the hiss on the tape deck (rmember those?) as the song started up, and I'd get lost in the purity of acoustic instruments and Sir Paul's clear tenor.

This ain't that kind of "mull."

The mulligan. A holdover term from my days as a stockbroker, those heady times when I played golf seven days a week and got good enough to let clients win. A mulligan, if you're not familiar with that term, is essentially a "do over." It derives from golf, meaning you made a shitty shot, your fellow players are taking mercy on you and letting you shoot again rather than play the worst possible lie on the entire course. I also see it as forgiving a mistake and moving forward without punishment.

My mulligan finally arrived…on Valentine's Day.

I knew I’d have one, I just didn’t think it would come so soon. I sat down to start my writing for the day and realized…I was missing an entire day. Friday, Valentine’s Day, the last day of an amazing week, and I missed it. I posted all the excitement from Thursday, but never started my Friday! It seriously feels like it just kind of vanished in the ether. I guess between driving across town, meetings, and booking plans for future adventures, I just forgot about the present day. So, I got nothing - no exercise, or meditation, and nothing particularly creative aside from social media posts. I could tell you about my shakes or my salad for lunch, but that’s not particularly helpful without all the other pieces that this journey is about.

Exercise – Not so much as a diddly-squat.

Meditation – no Ohm, just ummmmm...

Healthy meal – Shakes, salads. Riveting.

Creative – social media posts and emails is kinda all I’ve got here. I did design a few campaigns for future posts – pulling photos and cobbling together messages - and I booked floats for my Arbonne coworkers over the next couple weeks. Not a single other thing I can think of.

I think it's important, though, to keep the gratitudes going - even on this mully-day. Maybe moreso today than any other. Because it's the most important part of this journey anyway.


1- I am grateful I know myself well enough to have allowed for this mulligan. As we say in tapping, “even though I missed a day, I love and accept myself.” Namaste.

2- I am thankful for the lovely police officer who wrote me a parking ticket while I was working in West Hollywood yesterday. It was so nice to come out and find someone had thought enough of me to write a note and put it on my car. :-P

3- I am so grateful for time with family yesterday, walking my mom-in-law through a few tax items that would be very simple if her mind were still as sharp as it used to be, but are clearly terrifying to her now. Helping her feel safe and cared for is a big part of the deal here at Chez Donne, and making sure she really is safe – sometimes despite herself – is a responsibility I take to heart.

4- I am grateful for time in the day to play with our little grey energy bomb-of-a-cat. She was absolutely desperate for some paper ball games and I feel amazingly blessed to be her chosen playmate.

5- I am so grateful for the way I feel right now: grounded, happy, hopeful, relaxed (in spite of the overwhelming circumstances at present), confident, energetic, and, at the risk of sounding utterly conceited, beautiful. I am feeling pretty good about who I am at the moment. Who knows? Maybe I needed this day off to reflect on where I sit, discover what’s great about that, and realign with where I hope to go.





Day thirty Nine on the Path: The Blondie Expedition

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 14, 2020 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (1)

I know it isn’t Friday, but I have a party here this evening, so today is consumed by housecleaning. And baking. (WHAT?!?) That’s right. I said baking. Now I preface this with the fact that I love to dabble with baking, but I am consistently not very successful with it. Truth. No false modesty here. Anne Shirley, in the Lucy Maud Montgomery novels, once complained “there’s simply no scope for the imagination in cooking.” I empathize. You either measure, combine, and cook correctly, or you don’t.

I don’t. Normally.

But today, I have important people coming over, friends who are coming out of sheer love and support, so there’s a little special magic involved in the cooking. It’s my way of giving back a little love to them for being game and listening to this new fangled thing I’m into. And so, of course, my baking turns out spectacularly perfect. Guess I’ve learned how to be a better baker – cook for others who matter.

Exercise – How fortunate it is that I’m doing the 9 Minute Science workout this week. Honestly, if it took any longer, I’m not sure I’d be fitting it into the day. But it is, so I am. And today is all about strength training, and mostly lower body. I power through the workout - somewhere between cleaning bathrooms and scrubbing the kitchen counters - and move on to what’s next.


Meditation – While the blondies I’m baking are in the oven, I watch my vision board and do a quick “Boost of Energy” tapping. I have a few minutes left before the buzzer goes off, so I listen to part two of the “Moving From Stuck to Flow” program I started on Monday. Yeah, I know. I haven’t exactly followed this every day, and I’m obviously not gonna finish in the six days I had hoped. Crap. But I’m determined to actually finish the program this time, even if it bleeds into next week.

Healthy Meal – Blondies! Yeah, shakes, blah, blah. That’s a given. But today I venture into the baking world and make blondies from an Arbonne recipe our National VP gave me. It’s vanilla protein powder, eggs, almond butter, almond and cashew milk, and a touch of salt, baking soda, and vanilla extract. Thankfully, the recipe is simple. Throw it in a bowl, mix it all up, and bake. Even I can do that. And I even made a quick little video so others could share in my failure or success on social media. I think that’s what I like best about social media – it’s a great opportunity to let folks see you in all your beautiful, ugly, polished, silly, reality without having to actually see or hear them laugh at you. Emojis are great - seriously…a laughing emoji is cute and fun while someone laughing in your face really isn’t. 


Creative – As part of this whole blondie expedition, I made two videos. Dorky they may be, but it’s fun to do, and allows the actor in me to feel vindicated for a day. Like these baking videos are gonna advance my acting career or something. But okay, I guess it kind of counts as a self tape, right? And I did manage to make time to read through my script for “Her” again, although I didn’t really do much imagination work with it. If I’d been thinking, I could’ve had the character be the one baking and killed two birds with one activity! Ah, missed opportunity.


1 – I am grateful for friends who I’d rather spend time with than curl up in the bed and watch Sci-Fi shows. That’s saying something in my world. There’s not much better in life than pulling on comfies, crawling under the covers with the hubs, getting my legs and feet pinned in by cats, and binging good SciFi. There are few friends who outrank that activity. Two of them were here tonight.

2 – I am thankful for healthy desserts made by my very own hand. Miracles do happen folks.

3 – I am grateful for a short and efficient exercise program that I can tuck into my day.

4 – Is it wrong to say I am grateful for my water bottle? That sounds a little like a cop-out, but it really is my constant companion (and security blanket – I can sip water whenever there’s an awkward pause in conversation that I have no idea how to fill! Yeah, I really do that.)

5 – I am grateful that I can pay the IRS this month. It’s the little things, really.








Day Thirty Eight on the Path:What a day

Posted by lyoungblood1500 on February 13, 2020 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I am feeling down-right powerful today. Not sure why but I’m embracing it! I’m running from Porter Ranch to Los Feliz to Pasadena today, but it’s all for wonderful and creative ventures. Since I’m out most of the day, I start earlier than usual.

Exercise – Wow. I never knew nine minutes could feel so long! Today was straight HIIT (high intensity interval training) and I felt every second of that cardio kick. Burpees, walking planks, push-ups, Oh My! Glad that one is over.


Meditation – I have time for my Vision Board before I leave the house, but nothing else. That’s okay because after everything else wraps up, I’m going back to Just Float for another isolation tank. This one is fantastic – about thirty minutes of just calm mindful meditation and another thirty minutes of inspiration for my web series. Bonus!

Healthy Meal – Thank goodness for those shakes! I don’t think I would have had any other thing to eat until dinner if it weren’t for these. I made a double dose before I left and drank. It. All! And still had so much energy that I stayed awake for my whole float, made a yummy healthy stir-fry dinner with the hubs when I got home, and stayed up til 1am because I couldn’t fall asleep. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Creative – My first stop of the day is a rehearsal with my new scene and scene partner for class. We’re working on “Her” a film with Joaquin Phoenix. I get to play the ex-wife who has come to sign divorce papers, only to discover she’s being replaced by a computer. It seems like such an innocent scene on the surface, but it turns out to be amazingly complex. My partner and I have a great first run, and I head out to a client meeting.

Once my meeting is done – a successful meeting with a dear friend who is joining me on the cleanse! – I head to the float. For starters, I love this place, the calm vibe from the moment you walk into the lobby. Secondly, I love the way I feel when I’m here and when I leave. Tonight’s float was half relaxation and half inspiration – I have the title sequence of my Web Series “Hat Couture” all mapped out visually and part of the theme song running through my head by the time I drive home. I’ve been mulling over ideas for weeks, but it hadn’t come together until now.



1 – I am incredibly grateful for my first client today. So excited to take this journey with her and see how it helps her. It felt GREAT!

2 – I am grateful for inspiration after a bit of a dry spell for my Web Series. It’s a kooky, educational, fun series about hats. And now I have a title sequence!

3 – I am thankful for my car – that little (hybrid) engine that could and does get me from point A to B to C and home again. I love it!

4 – I am grateful for another gorgeous sunset tonight. I got to watch it develop from just the hint of peach in the sky all the way to magenta and midnight blue on my drive home. Wow! Just wow!

5 – I am grateful for feeling great today. Full of energy, full of confidence, full of love and gratitude. All days should be this wonderous.







Day Thirty Seven on the Path: A whole Latte something

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It’s another long day on the calendar – filled with yummy goodness and activities I love, albeit a bit hectic.

Exercise – I’m up early and getting in my exercise before I head out for a couple meetings this morning. So, I am definitely sticking with the 9 Minute Science Based workout today. It’s a beast!! Push-ups and plank walking from one side of the mat to the other, and side plank push-ups, oh my! I need a shower! But it feels really good to get that done and get my blood flowing before I jump into this day.


Meditation – When I get home in the afternoon, I jump straight into my Vision Board first, then listen to a podcast by the late great Louise Hay called “Hay House Meditations.” It’s short, but jam-packed with affirmations about creativity and learning to create a sacred space for self care.

Healthy Meal – Okay, y’all. I’m just gonna put this out there (even though it’s not exactly a meal) – turmeric and cinnamon and coconut milk make one mean morning combination! I met the Arbonne girls at a place called Solar de Cahuenga this morning for a little strategy and Q&A session. I got there early because I had a phone call before our meeting, and I ordered this turmeric latte. OMG. My belly is so happy! My actual healthy meals were my two Arbonne shakes. But you already knew that!


Creative – I have a table read this evening for a new short film I booked. It’s about three generations of women, grandma, mother, and granddaughter. I get to play the mother, and it’s a really heartfelt script. I had some concerns about whether or not the story arc would make sense to the viewer, but overall I like the script. Hey, it has frogs in it, and anything with frogs is A-OK by me. The table read is close by and it’s nice to meet the two other women in the cast. One is a long-time pro actress, the other is a 17 year old who has some pretty darn good chops for someone just starting out! I am, as always, honored to be a part of making someone’s passion project come to life. We won’t actually shoot until June, or late May at least, so there’s time for learning the script, diving into the lives of these characters, and the imagination work that is the bulk of prep for such an endeavor. Booking one for 2020!


1- I am ever so grateful to my agents for taking the time to chat with me today and really put some effort into their thoughtful answers. I so love my team!

2- I am grateful to have a team of gals who can keep me motivated in this new Arbonne business endeavor. Glad I’m not alone in this, and super glad to have these particular gals as my mentors. They rock!

3- I am grateful for a table read with a wonderful cast and writing team today, and that it counts as my first booking for the new decade. What an exciting project. More deets to come.

4- I am excited that Indian food has so many healthy options, and that dhal is one of them!

5- I am grateful for so much art in this world that is thought provoking and inspiring…and so different from my own.










Day Thirty Six on the Path:Stay Motivated

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Exercise – I am loving Jannine Murray’s Phenomenal Abdominals exercise course, but I gotta stay motivated, so I’m switching back to the 9 Minute Science-Based workout this week. First of all, it’s different moves so my body doesn’t get fatigued and my brain doesn’t get bored. Second, there are only seven lessons left, which lines up with our seven days of this week, and my OCD loves checking off completed tasks that way. So, I’m finishing off the science workout, and I’ll go back to Ms Murray next week. Today’s lesson is called “Booty Blast” - well, okay. I’ve been so rumbly in the tummy this week that this moniker isn’t nearly as funny as it was before, but I’m trusting this week will improve both.


Meditation – I’m looking at an old course I have on Daily Om called “Moving From Stuck to Flow.” Sounds like it might be time well spent this week. The first lesson just helps clarify areas of your life where you’ve been doing the same actions for so long that you can’t imagine anything else. The instructor, Sara Wiseman, offers an audio track as well as a written text of the lesson for the day. The crux of this first lesson is making a list of all the areas of your life and evaluating where you feel stuck and where you don’t. I love the balance this creates – focusing on what’s right as well as what’s not quite working so well allows you to maintain some gratitude instead of getting mired in failures. I can see from my history that I started this course, but never finished it. Oh, irony – I got stuck at the second lesson. Let’s see if I can do better this time around.

In addition, I watch my vision board and revisit the “Success Imprint” from MindMovies again. It just struck me as something I wanted to experience again today, so I’m going with it.

Healthy Meal – Who loves chick peas? I love chick peas. And tonight dinner is a Mediterranean style baked chick peas with sweet peppers and tabbouli salad. It’s freaking fabulous. Thank you Hello Fresh!

Creative – I found a box of books in my closet, some that were too valuable to go in the attic, but that I had not found room for on the shelves. Amongst them was a box of Soulcards. This box of 60 image cards are designed to prick the imagination and launch creativity. You spread the deck out and let your eyes pick a card. Hold it, focus on the design, see the colors and find where they resonate inside of you, connect the sensations of the body to the images, and allow the experience to wash over you. I find that these fascinating images are wonderful for sparking my imagination work for acting. Today, I’m incorporating my scene from “Her” with these cards. I read the scene first, then pick a card - the idea being that the card will relate in some way to the scene since that’s where my mind was. I get a chunk of time to ruminate on the pictures and the character, and I’m feeling pretty pumped about the scene now. We’ll rehearse for the first time later his week.



1 – I am grateful for our beautiful wind chimes in the back yard, and for Mother Earth’s windy play dates here in the winter of the year. Last night, the gusts were so strong that I was lulled to sleep by a constant symphony of happy little chimes.

2 – I am thankful that our trash cans are still by our driveway. After the winds last night, I wasn’t sure they would be. Although, I confess, I was almost looking forward to a neighborhood stroll to retrieve them.

3 – I am grateful for the opportunity to bring those same trash cans back in at the end of the day – it’s the only time I got outside all day!

4 – I am so thankful that my family is willing to accommodate a veggie meal once each week. They add meat to theirs, but leave mine unadulterated, which makes me and my tummy very happy.

5 – I am grateful for the variety of vegetables Mother Earth provides. Quite a buffet, and I like them all.








Day Thirty Five on the Path: So that is something

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It’s the end of week five here on the Path! Hard to believe we’re a third of the way. I guess, to be honest, I thought I’d be further along in some respects.

Exercise – Yay! It’s a rest day, so no cardio or strength today. Just some stretching and Fitzmaurice tremor work for this day. It takes about the same amount of time as a workout, but it is just so relaxing!

Meditation – I start my Fitzmaurice work with that same body scan as usual. It’s funny – the first time I watched this video, I thought the guy was kind of funny and awkward. Then he started the work, and it almost felt like his voice transformed while he spoke. Maybe it’s because I keep my eyes closed when I do the scan, so I’m not seeing him anymore, but he’s ended up being one of my all-time favorites to listen to. I also sneak in a “15 Minute Recharge Session” from BrainHacker. Just because I’m feeling the need for that kind of energetic pick-me-up today.

Healthy Meal – I’m tired, and a little blue, so I just need to shake up my shake a little today. Instead of plain old shakes, I mix chocolate and vanilla protein powders, and add in a bit of cranberry juice, dried cranberries, chia seeds, and some cashews. It tastes something like a chocolate covered cherry, so that’s something. And the hubs made me cream of wheat for breakfast, so that’s something too.

Creative – Class tonight at Crash! Always a good time, although I confess that I left early tonight – my stomach was grumbling so loudly from this cleanse that I couldn’t focus on the critiques and felt like I was distracting those around me focusing as well. Didn’t seem right to take away from the class, so I ducked out a scene early. But I got another new scene to work on, so that’s something.


Here’s how the week went:

14 healthy meals and 3 extra snacks that qualified

7 workouts with Janine Murray at 22-25 mins/day

6 Meditations from 5 mins to 20 mins

7 times through my Vision Board for 2020: 3 mins/day

6 tapping meditations: 8 to 15 mins/day

And 35 gratitudes for the week.


My Personal Progress Report:

Job – Yep. Arbonne is moving along with one more launch party to go next week, and the beginnings of movement on social media as well. Not as much progress yet as I’d like, but I’m not discouraged. 3 passes from other jobs I’d submitted to, but I’m still submitting.

Creativity – Good. Three new card designs this week, a guitar session, a photo shoot, and a great audition early in the week. We also cleaned out the garage - which is creative, believe me.

Healthy body – Meh. My wrist is nearly back to normal. Weight is back up by two pounds, which is disheartening, but between the cleanse and the time of the month that’s probably not entirely unexpected. And I did lose half an inch off the hips, so it’s not a total bummer this week.

Overall sense of wellbeing and fulfillment with life – strong. I’ve been on a high all week long, soaring with excitement and hope and confidence. So, even though I’m not riding that same wave today, and am feeling a little down and regressed, I’m giving this week two giant thumbs up for overall happiness.




1- I am thankful for morning cuddles on a rainy Sunday.

2- I am thankful for a great week to come

3- I am grateful for time with friends and classmates to keep me inspired and remind me of what generosity is. 

4- I am grateful for tea. Hot tea, cold tea, sweet or not, I am grateful for those lovely folks who raise and harvest those tasty little nibs so I can drink it, one pinky aloft, and speaking with a moderately bad British accent about “tea time.”

5- I am so grateful that my hubby is doing the shakes from this Arbonne program with me -- and loving them! What a surprise that is.