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About Me

I'm a bird of a different feather...

When I was eight years old, our family moved to a 40 acre wood in rural West Georgia. I spent hours dancing barefoot in a wheat field, riding my blue dragon, Pamprith (who looked remarkably like a 12-speed bike to anyone else), and creating culinary disasters like “Smushie,” Secret formula? Vanilla wafers with a little milk. Wisely learning to stay out of the kitchen, my attention turned instead to writing stories and songs, drawing fantastic worlds and whimsical beasts, and adventuring with my friends from author Anne McCaffrey’s world of Pern. Back then, not much of anything beat an afternoon with a good book or a blank sheet of paper. 

Decades may have past, but I haven’t really changed much. These days, I do my adventuring on the stage or in front of a film or television camera. I still dance, although there really aren’t any wheat fields in Los Angeles, so now I wear appropriate shoes. I still ride a blue dragon named Pamprith, but she's been upgraded from the old 12 speed to a hybrid car. I have learned to play some of my songs on a guitar, and I still think Pern is the coolest world ever (Forgive me, George RR Martin!). Oh, and I still stay mostly out of the kitchen. 

Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Donne Photography.

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